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The weekly Expresso, published every Saturday, is considered the most widely distributed quality journal in Portugal (700.000 readers) as well as the most influential and prestigious written media.

Belonging to the Media Group Sojornal, Expresso is available since 1973, hence it is the only current weekly that predates the “carnation revolution”. Expresso has been following up the development of the Portuguese society since then, from the access to democracy, to the deep economic and cultural changes that the country has undergone on its way to becoming a modern and stable European country.

With an extensive distribution throughout continental Portugal, as well as the Madeira and Azores Islands, Expresso features the following sections:

Economy & International
Current Affairs
Estates and Homes

First Portuguese newspaper available via satellite, and with its total contents on the Internet, market studies identify Expresso with the following values: seriousness, independence, factual.

Expresso Readers profile:

Total Run 165.000
Readership 700.000
Group ABC1, 25-54 58,7 %
Men 59 %
Run Lisbon + Porto 49 %